Swimming Season

16th July 2009

Although in Dundee it may never feel like it, we are well and truly into that most terrifying of seasons – swimwear season. Yes, it is long past time for magazines to tell us how to get that ‘bikini body’ and instead time for us to stand in changing rooms lamenting the fact that we didn’t diet four months earlier. This article is for tips and tricks only – no miracle solutions, I’m afraid. Just swimwear that shows off your beautiful body in the best possible way.

Firstly, a quick word to the boys. Never let it be said that fashion only has rules for women- swimwear is one area in which I feel most British men are clearly inept. The rules for men are simple – no tiny Speedos, ever.  Not even Bond looked good. Also avoid ‘hilarious’ novelty prints and stick to trunks in black, navy or olive green. It might seem unfair that we women have so much more to choose from but weigh that against the hours of agonising over tummy control, thigh coverage and bust boosting and I think boys get the better end of the deal.

Now, ladies: heed this warning. None of us except perhaps the most hideously blessed, have beach bodies to rival Elle MacPherson. However, the girl with the big boobs will be the envy of her smaller chested friend whilst the hourglass-figured woman may wish she had the waifish figure of her sister, so everybody has good features to accentuate.

For the lucky hourglass shapes among you, head to New Look and sample Kelly Brook’s cute 1950’s inspired swimsuit range that keeps in mind the shapes of that era. This sweet, sunshine yellow bikini top comes with matching frilled briefs that will flatter full hips and all for a neat £23.

Those of you with boyish, model figures need look no further than this classic black two piece. A halterneck flatters smaller busts while the rope detail enhances slim hips and the high-cut leg shows off skinny pins. Or, try this on-trend Oneil at ASOS cutaway that gives the illusion of curves.
Tummy issues? You can try this classy control swimsuit from Bhs. Or take a look at this retro Mama Maria at ASOS skirted swimsuit.

Pear shapes are the most common in Britain and if this is you, head to River Island. They have a selection of ruffled topped bikinis. The ruffles on the bikini top give the illusion of a fuller chest and distract from bottom-heavy figures, while the simple tie-side bottoms slim hips.

Most of all, slap on the sunscreen, even in cloudy weather, and remember that white costumes are for poolside lounging only. 

Written By: Seonaid Rogers

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