Brrr...Its Summer

26th June 2009

Summer is now finally here, although after a few hot and sunny days the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Scottish summers pose a dilemma every year in terms of fashion – i.e. I want to get that print playsuit, but will my legs go purple in the cold? Is it still appropriate to wear thick tights in the summer? Oh, it’s raining…again – how to cover up without resorting to an anorak?

Yes, Scottish summers don’t often allow you to go down the same fashion route as even the rest of Britain when it comes to your wardrobe choices.

And let’s be honest, a lot of Scottish girls (myself included) end up arriving at summer feeling pale and sickly looking. So summer here is a time of panic instead of celebration.

This is where I come in – always looking to lend a helping hand. If you’re feeling unhealthily pale, you can either choose to enhance your natural porcelain skin, a la Dita von Teese (although for me, who tends to veer towards the colour of Spam in cold weather, this is not an option) or you can go for a fake tan. There are a ton of places in Dundee where spray tans are available (I don’t recommend sunbeds), my favourite being The Sunflower Room at 20 South Tay Street (call 01382 225555). Or you could DIY it with a bottle of St. Tropez for darker skinned girls or Garnier for the paler types.

In terms of fashion – think the same as holidays when you were younger. You know, when you went with your parents and they made you pack jumpers and cagoules you were sure you’d never need, along with sunhats and dresses that you wanted to wear the minute you got off the plane?

This summer, go for playsuits, cute crop tops, wet look leggings, frayed denim and light dresses. But also go for straw trilbies like Sienna Miller, an edgy Topshop parka and a few items of sensible footwear (although wellies outside a festival are a big no).

Really, the only thing you need to keep in mind for a Scottish summer is that there are two essential items – sunscreen and an umbrella.

Written By: Seonaid Rogers

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