A New Hope: Sarah Coloso

21st April 2009

It is no small truth that Dundee has a great wealth of musical talent.  Unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to find original sounding young bands who are not simply trying to cater to the popular ‘indie’ genre.  It is a shame that some of the best musicians in Dundee go unnoticed due to the tendency of music venues to only support the popular sound. 

Sarah Coloso is a musician who is trying to break such musical clichés in the Dundee scene.  Her band – including (bassist) Harry Sheddon and (Drummer) Andrew Gavine – are on the up and up and are looking to be the next big thing in Dundee.

Being blessed with an incredibly soulful voice and talent for the guitar and piano its no great surprise that she has been compared to the likes of KT Tunstall; though this comparison is not entirely fair. Sarah Coloso has her own style of acoustic folk-rock but also branches into other genres and musical directions whilst still managing to maintain her own coherent sound and style. At our recent interview she stressed the importance of the versatile sound for the musician and said:

“I don’t know how bands can produce album after album of the exact same sound. I couldn’t do that.”

When watching the Sarah Coloso band playing live this musical variety becomes evident as she switches from subtle mellow folk to full-on rock; from piano ballads of intense beauty to catchy synth driven sounds. All in all this variety leaves the live show highly entertaining – made all the better by the fact that the music demonstrates extremely intelligent song writing.

When asked about her musical inspiration she stated that some of it comes from her own personal experience whilst the inspiration for some of the other songs comes from things she has seen that moved her. 

Sarah Coloso’s live music career started humbly at a costa coffee open mic night in St. Andrews. Since then the music has developed greatly; when asked about how she would advise other musicians she made it clear that: “There is no experience that can substitute for actually playing live, its worth hundreds and hundreds of practices… just keep at it.” 

This is a formula that seems to have worked well for the nineteen year old musician; who has perfected an impressive live show. It is well worth going to see Sarah Coloso play live to experience exactly how alive the Dundee music scene should be and to see the wealth of talent hidden in this city.

Sarah Coloso’s next gig is at the Whitehall Theatre on Hawkhill as a part of a fundraiser to help reopen the Doghouse.

Check out her music on: www.myspace.com/sarahcoloso

Written By: Christian Simmons

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