Tag Games Unleashes Car Jack Streets on iPhone

12th May 2009

Car Jack Streets iPhone, one of the most anticipated iPhone releases to date exploded onto App Store, courtesy of developer Tag Games.

Created by members of the original Grand Theft Auto team, the title is the closest thing to the original Rockstar franchise available on any mobile device. Utilising the iPhone’s unique features to expand on the original crime-sim template, Car Jack Streets is one of the most expansive titles ever released on Apple’s device.

The action-packed title follows Randal, a hopeless gambler with a $1million debt to the mob. When crime lord Frankie decides it’s time to call in your tab, you must do whatever it takes to pay him back or suffer the consequences. Will you work hard to make an honest buck, or will the spoils of the criminal underworld be too much to resist?

With over 60 criminal mission ‘templates’ and an almost infinite number of mission possibilities, how you stump up the cash is entirely up to you. In addition there are 12 readily available minor jobs such as taxi driving, pizza delivery and bus driving, plus eight frenzied bonus tasks. The game never gets old!

Don’t dwell on it too much however, because if you miss just one of your $50,000-a-week payments, you wont just be fighting to repay your debt, you’ll be fighting for your life. With a superb real-time mission format incorporating an accurate day/night cycle, players will literally race against the clock to make debt payments on time.

Using an accessible virtual d-pad system, Car Jack Streets boasts superb pick up and play value, with short missions perfect for burst play while on the move. Players can get to grips with larger than life weapons, wade into the explosive, over-the-top action and steal a slew of vehicles to tear around the city in, complete with in-car radio stations.

Setting the tone of this mayhem is an unrivalled 80-minute soundtrack from some of the hottest unsigned artists today. The track list, spanning a diverse range of genres including country, dance, hip hop and indie, features up and coming artists Laurelyn Carter, Atom Da Immortal, The Snowbyrds and Red Shirt Theory. Found a song in the game you really like?  - no problem. Each track can be downloaded directly from the game via the Apple iTunes Store using the device’s wi-fi connectivity.

Exclusive Car Jack Streets information and features can be found on the official Car Jack Streets website. Also available is a series of exclusive, behind-the-scenes developer diaries filmed on location at the Tag Games studio. The videos and the official game trailer are available now via the official Tag Games YouTube Channel.

Car Jack Streets is available now on the iPhone App Store. Selling price $4.99 / £2.99 / Euro 3.99. Please visit Apple App Store for a direct download of Car Jack Streets.

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