Space School Takes Off at Abertay

10th July 2009

Lucky Dundee school children are spending their first week of holidays in outer space at the annual Abertay University Space School.

NASA Scientists and Astronauts from the Johnson Space Centre in Houston will lead the children in a series of workshops including ‘Introduction to Mars’ and ‘Living in Space’. The children will participate in numerous activities including designing their own space suits, rocket construction and launching, and a ‘Life on Mars’ survival challenge.

Astronaut Colonel Alvin Drew who has clocked up some 305 hours in space said: “The important thing is to get kids understanding science before they get into secondary school.  It’s about igniting that sense of discovery, curiosity and passion, and that’s exactly what the Space School at Abertay University is doing.

“The schoolchildren have been amazing – they just need to study hard, get a great education, and they can achieve incredible things.  In 25 years we may be walking on Mars, and it’s possible the first person to walk on Mars is in P6 now, attending this Space School!”

This is the third year of the Space School which sees approximately 100 primary six pupils from across Tayside attend week long Space Schools at Abertay University and Perth College.  The outcomes of the project tie in closely with Scotland’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ programme.

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