Tally's to Re-Open!

6th May 2009

Closed almost two years ago, Tally’s on Old Hawkhill is set to re-open on May 14th. Speaking to Jimmy the new owner of the bar-cum-eatery he said that Tally’s was an “institution” which he hoped to develop into a ‘gastropub’. Before Tally’s closed it was a hub of social activity as the ideal place for students looking for something perhaps a little less frantic than the Student’s Union just up the road with a stylishly-homey feel. The ‘new’ Tally’s will take this idea up a notch, mixing top quality food with a impressive wine list (by the bottle or glass) and a long list of imported beers worth trying.

Jimmy said that the aim was to “bridge the gap between a pub and The Playwright” and with an extended restaurant section where the old Vodka Bar used to be, as well as a “snacky menu” in the main bar area the plan looks promising.

Tally’s was bought over by the owner of The Playwright on Tay Square, a relaxed, chic restaurant and bar ideally located next to the Repertory Theatre. Bearing this in mind I asked whether Tally’s would be catering for a slightly more ‘up-market’ clientele, rather than the students who used to enthuse over the weekly pub quiz. Jimmy said they were aiming for “students and young professionals” making the high quality food menu ideal for a celebratory snack around graduation time, but still keeping that relaxed atmosphere that Tally’s is so well known for. Indeed, Tally’s has a special graduation menu which promises to be of a similar quality to that of The Playwright, but “less fancy”. Old regulars will also be pleased to know that the Pub Quiz will return, hosted by the same person on Tuesdays.

With promotional material already available in Contact Magazine, the new Tally’s looks set for a good future; a casual chic bar and restaurant that serves great quality food in the sort of environment that would help you relax after a hard days work. No pretensions here, Tally’s is subtly upmarket yet welcoming and with restaurant quality food in a cooler environment you can’t really go far wrong.

Written By: Sara Grady

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