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13th April 2009

Golfers are being urged to increase their fitness for the good of their game and their bodies with a range of specialised services from the Institute of Sports and Exercise at the University of Dundee.

The game of golf has clearly evolved in recent years, as can be seen from the success of motivated, talented players who undertake fitness training - the top players are leaner, more flexible and more muscular than the generations of golfers before them.

“Research has shown that a good level of fitness has a strong relationship with a lower handicap and therefore can have a big impact on performance,” said Helen Weavers, sports and exercise physiologist at ise.

“Being physically fit allows you to walk 18 holes of golf without feeling fatigued and to stay well focused throughout the game. Perhaps more importantly, a well-conditioned body can produce more powerful and co-ordinated swinging actions that result in longer and better placed drives.

“Higher fitness levels also reduce your recovery time, allowing you to recover quickly between holes while also letting you play at the same high level during frequent rounds of golf. Finally, by its nature, the repetitive nature of the golf swing predisposes both professional and amateur golfers to injury and a good conditioning programme will help avoid or limit injury and prolong your career in golf.

“Whatever your level of golfing ability, an appropriate fitness programme is essential in preparing for a healthy lifestyle, for performance and for injury prevention.”

The Institute has identified golf as one of its priority sports for sports science support and performance development. Over the last 8 years, ise has built a substantial reputation for the delivery of support across the range of amateur and professional golf performance, with staff providing sports science support at local (eg St Andrew’s Links Junior Golf Association), regional (eg Lothian golf) and National(Scottish Golf Union, Scottish Institute of Sport & Scottish Ladies Golf Association) levels as well as supporting numerous individual,
professional and amateur golfers.

“With the development of our Golf Performance Centre, we are pleased to now be able to offer our services to a wider range of individual golfers of every level,” said Helen.

“We have three levels of support, each of which can help you to improve your fitness and golfing performance. We are currently offering a special introductory rate, so get in quick!”

“Each level of support includes an assessment of fitness and a consultation which is tailored to your level, giving the very best advice on how to maximise fitness to suit your golf game.”

Anyone interested in more information should contact Helen Weavers at the institute on 01382 385674 or e-mail [email protected]

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