Realtime Worlds Pays Overtime

9th April 2009

Realtime Worlds, the leading independent video game developer, announced today that is now offering paid overtime to its developers. This is on top of one of the most generous benefits packages in the industry which includes profit sharing, share options, flexitime, private medical insurance, life insurance, pension package, income protection, carers and emergency leave, relocation assistance, childcare voucher scheme, and discounts on personal computers and bikes.

“The games industry has long depended on getting excessive amounts of free overtime out of its developers, which in the long run just serves to drive them to another field. We want to ensure that Realtime Worlds is always very attractive - both creatively and financially - to our staff, and offering paid overtime is only fair when products of the standards we demand require more effort than is sometimes possible 9-5”, explained John Duthie, Head of HR.

Duthie adds “Whilst, like the rest of the industry, we’re lucky enough to have a number of individuals who are happy working crazy hours just for the pride in the games they’re creating, it’s gone down well being able to reward that more directly. And for those with families, knowing the overtime often required to finish games will be paid for means it’s a lot more palatable at home.”

Realtime Worlds currently has over 40 vacancies, listed at

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